What does EEOC Offer?

What does EEOC Offer?

Individual & Group Instruction, Interaction & Community Integration


Fun & Educational Day Trips & Courses of Interest to Seniors


Workshops and Courses of Interest to the Community


Business, Professional and Personal Development


Courses to Upgrade and Enhance Employment Prospects


Basic skills, Accounting, Digital Photo and More


  • Health & Safety

First Aid, Child Care First Aid, FAC, Food Safe, Babysitting Course, and More


  • Fit & Healthy Community



  • Personal Development & Special Interest

Art, Writing, Crafts, and More



Registration Policy:

Provost Adult Learning and Literacy requires all persons participating in a course to pre-register at least one week before the date the course is set to run. This is to ensure sufficient enrollment for the limits set by the individual instructors. If the enrollment level is too low the course will be cancelled.