Literacy & ELL

Adult Literacy and ELL Programs   Imagine the Possibilities

Basic Adult Literacy:

Helping English-speaking individuals who have low literacy levels (reading, writing, speaking, math) to reach their learning goals; be it for personal reasons, work, college or university, or preparing for GED (General Educational Diploma).  We offer one-on-one tutoring. Provost & District Adult Literacy Program is a free, private and confidential service for men and women in our community to work together to improve their reading, writing, math and conversational English skills.

The Literacy program offers:

Free tutoring to adults 17 years of age and older

Opportunities for personal growth and challenge

Tutor training, professional development and ongoing assistance to each volunteer

Facts about Literacy in Alberta & Canada:

  • 42% of Albertans do not have the literacy skills needed to meet the ever increasing demand of todays society.

  • 40% of adult Canadians have low literacy skills.

  • Literacy is an essential skill. Literacy is much more than being able to read and write. It is about using different ways of communicating to help us understand and interact in our world.

  • Let us strive to keep our population and nation literate by reading and taking on the initiative to learn something new each day.

English Language Learning (ELL): 

Helping newcomers with their English needs and goals of speaking, writing, reading or math.
We offer group activities, classroom learning and one-on-one tutoring.